Saturday, 21 April 2012

Some thinking...

I feel like Climate Engineering (CE) - a much clearer term than geoengineering by the way - stands on something of a cusp. There is little doubt that CE is more visible and that it is not the taboo it once was. Most of what I hear feels sensible, humble and restrained, especially from those wrestling with the really big questions. The issue of intellectual property is now being further explored, especially by David Keith and others in the US and there has been a very interesting discusssions on fora various. We have been working on an ethical statement for SPICE about our intentions - it currently stands as follows...

  • The SPICE project is a feasibility study and does not endorse deployment of any climate engineering technologies
  • The SPICE team is committed to openness and transparency
  • All results developed from the SPICE project (including foreground IP) will be placed in the public domain
  • No profit will be made during the SPICE project, through climate engineering, by the SPICE team
I know it needs some thinking about and there are some challenging issues but, after having spoken to the SPICE team I think it's important we make our intentions clear, again. 

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